Olamide Ajayi

The best wedding gift registry platform ever!!, got all my gifts with some benefits as well from Palmfront. I am truly amazed by the service to the point of hoping to have the experience again Loool 😁. On that note thank you Palmfront for also making that day amazing. Olamide Adesanya now Olamide Ajayi 😁.

Ebi Botei

Palmfront is amazing!! Their wedding solutions are so easy to use, lets be honest, not alot of us do this often! Their registry has this amazing function where they allow your guests to contribute to buy a gift item!

Oprite Obunge

It actually works and it was quite convenient to have our gifts in one place. Most importantly palmfront has excellent customer care so we could rest easy knowing we could always contact them if we had any issues or got confused about anything, that made the experience better.

Omotola Adeleke Dayo-Adedapo

WOW!!! Palmfront is the bomb. I can practically say Palmfront is the what you need to add that extra touch of class to your wedding.

Kayode Omosebi

Outstanding platform!.. I got to know about Palmfront sometime in April 2016 when 1 was planning my wedding. I was actually looking for an online gift registry in Nigeria, I surfed the internet and I couldn't get anything so i decided to contact Konga, one of Nigeria's biggest e-commerce company, to know if they run this service. Konga declined but referred me to this Nigerian IT start-up called Palmfront and ever since then the case changed, I had a fantastic wedding in May 2016 with the help of Palmfront. I even got more than I bargained for because aside the gifts registry I got a well designed online wedding catalogue, I couldn't believe it but I can tell you from experience Palmfront is the real deal.